Friday, June 13, 2014

sweet little piece of cake

I know, I know, a second day in a row! Don't die of shock or anything haha! I just whipped up this little dress for the babe and I had to share it real quick.

When Anna Maria Horner released this sweet (and free) little dress pattern, I knew I had to make one! And since we are pushing the size limit around here, I figured it had better be sooner rather than later. And really, doesn't a little sister deserve a cute little dress to wear for her big sisters birthday too? Am I justifying a bit too much?

Anyway, I used this plaid shirting because it's light and summery and I had it. To avoid cutting what I had left of the fabric on the bias to make the bias tape, I used some that I had leftover, from some piping I think, which was perfect and a nice little detail inside. Super easy pattern, came together in like an hour, and so stinking adorable. I still have to get pictures of it on the model, but that's alright, I will get a chance to try eventually.

And now, happy weekend! Next week, I will finally be able to share the big things I've been working on and I.can't.wait!

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