Wednesday, June 25, 2014

this and that

Do you remember how I said when I felt overwhelmed, it seemed like a good idea to start a new quilt? Because apparently that is actually a thing I do. I thought at the time that it was kind of a one-off thing, like maybe just then because I had been waiting to make that particular quilt or something. But no, I've done it again. Unfortunately, this will not be nearly as quick as the last time, so I may be putting myself in for yet another long term project. I just got this block in my head the other night and So I started sketching and thinking and working out the math and in the morning sewing and ripping and drawing and playing until I had just what I wanted. And I'll tell you, I love it. But they take forever and being the crazy person I am, I really want a pretty big quilt of them. They finish at 6" so it is going to take quite a few of them and this represents all of them that I got made this weekend. So, there's that. On the plus side, it should be a mighty good scrap buster, which I need right now :)

In other news, I am stitching away at my kawaii winter sampler from the frosted pumpkin stitchery. I got it years ago and even got all the materials and everything and it has just been sitting and waiting. Finally as part of my cleaning out all the things, I pulled it out. It is the last thing standing between me and sweater making, so I am pretty determined and have been spending all the time I can working at it. It takes longer than I'd like and I don't think I love cross stitch, but I do absolutely love the way it is coming together and I am very much looking forward to having this one to hang up this winter. Even if I am actually driving myself a little crazy with it right now.  The top left corner looks a little wonky, but I promise it isn't.

The cross stitch is really what is sucking up most of my time right now, but I have some serious cleaning and packing to do since we will be away next week to see family and celebrate a certain little girl turning 4(!!!!). Next week I will finally share the birthday things I have been making her, and let me tell you, they are pretty awesome. I guess after we get through that, I have a certain 1st birthday to prepare myself for....oh boy. I don't know if my mama heart can take all this excitement haha. Anyway, I'll be back soon with some other little things that have been happening.


  1. I really love your block! I like how it's one fabric in the middle and scrappy background too. That cross-stitch looks so fun. I used to do it all the time but haven't touched it in pribably 15 years. Funny how I go through phases like that. It was all scrapbooking for a while then crochet and now I'm on a quilting kick.

  2. Cute blocks! Did you see the quilt Fresh Lemon quilts posted today? It uses a similar block but set in a lot of negative space. Maybe an idea to save you some time (and shorten your project just a bit). :)