Tuesday, June 10, 2014

tunic time

I am suffering from a serious case of *more ideas than time* right now. Things feel so super busy, and I am afraid they are only about to get worse, but I am working away trying to get some things done. Right now I am in the midst of both a lot of hand work (binding and cross stitch in fact) and some birthday/travel prep. But today, I want to share the washi tunic I made!

I have had this pattern for quite some time, but was waiting for my body to settle down from that whole baby thing before I made one. I really want to make a dress version, but that is for when the little nursling is all finished I think. This one is a medium that I made out of a lightweight fabric my grandmother gave me. It is definitely a cute top, but I'll be honest, there is something about it that is a bit off for me. I think it seems a bit short in the straps or the waist or something, so I might try adding some length there next time.

In this version I narrowed the sleeves for a tank top and made the scoop both wider and deeper. I didn't use any facings or lining or anything and just finished it with bias tape on the neck and sleeves. It does feel a bit puffy in the belly and I think I keep wanting it to come in under the bust where the seam is instead of floating away, but I'm not really sure. I ponder these things every time I wear it. I do plan to make a voile maxi dress version at some point, for sure, but I am probably going to have to do another test to work all this out. Hopefully as I learn more about making garments, it will be easier to figure out what my problem with things actually is and how to fix it. For now, it is still a cute shirt that I am happy to wear :)

Now I need to get back to my binding I guess. For some reason, this pony club quilt is taking me absolutely forever to bind, but I just keep telling myself it will be worth it when it's done. Maybe this week. If I can keep myself from getting totally distracted by cute cross stitch. I am still very much in clean it up mode and this cross stitch is the last thing standing between me and the sweater I desperately want to try to knit later this summer. In my overambitious dream world, I am planning on having it finished in the next month....I'll be back to show a bit of it later, once I get a bit more done.

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