Friday, June 27, 2014

some sweet bags

I love making bags! So useful, and in this case pretty easy to make. Perfect little projects. Two bags have snuck their way into my making recently. To one of them I say "finally!" and the other, well that little cutie just snuck in there to help me avoid other things.

I don't know how long grocery bags have been on my to-do list. It is definitely a long time though. Deciding on a pattern has been tough, but I finally found one that I really wanted to try. It was a quick make and I love the way it turned out, now I just need to test it for a while to figure out if I want more of that particular kind. I ended up making mine reversible, mostly because I didn't have any big enough cuts for a solid lining. But in my mind there is an outside since on side is linen and decor weight fabric. This bag is huge! I am going to start out by testing it on our trip and then putting it into the grocery bag rotation to see how it goes, but if it works well, I will definitely be making more.

The other bag is a project bag. Because when you spend so much time anticipating making a sweater, and getting yarn and needing to transport said yarn to use your father's yarn winder, obviously it needs a pretty bag. Made from absolute favorite fabrics.

This bag is a mash up of probably 4 different project bags I have seen and liked. I mostly used this one from Very Shannon, but I did the drawstring differently so it is not reversible and figured out my own measurements for the different fabrics.I made a bigger one, using a 16" square. I did interface the outer fabrics and I will say that the essex linen made the drawstring casing a little tougher to open and close, but I love it so much that I don't care. The lining used two fabrics only because I didn't have enough of the flower one to line the entire thing, but I love it and having the darker fabric in the bottom will help hide dirt/fuzz anyway.  It stands up pretty well on its own and is big enough that it should fit a sweater I think. I am so in love with this bag that I know I will find a use for it, whether it involves a project or not. Admittedly there were probably other things I should have been doing when I made this, but I am sure whatever it was got done eventually.

I do still have a couple little pouches that I really should make before I leave, so I should probably make some time and do that. And pack, definitely pack. Next up: birthday awesome! Happy Weekend!

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