Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Newborn Gown

On October 22, 2009, I found out I was pregnant. In anticipation of this event happening at some point, I wanted to have a little gift to give my hubby as....I don't know, a symbol of the start of this next journey in our lives I suppose. After giving it much thought, I found a pattern for a newborn gown made out of an old adult t-shirt. It was perfect, I could save my hubby's shirt from the trash can (where I can assure you it was headed) and create a cute little gown for our little one. I found the pattern here at This Mama Makes Stuff and settled on the mighty mouse t-shirt that has been around for at least the duration of our relationship (8.5 years for anyone keeping track). I must say that I really dislike sewing clothing, especially if it involves sleeves, but I made it through and it actually came out really well. Of course, it may never fit our wee one since it is growing bigger by the day....but that's not the point. We'll keep the gown anyway since I made it and it is a great memory, but I imagine a scenario in which the child stumbles upon it years down the road and asks if he/she was ever that little, at which point we look at each other, smile and say "Nope, you sure weren't!" haha. Anyway, that is the story of this little gown. I am awfully proud of it considering my feelings on making clothes and working with knit fabrics...and maybe someday I'll even know if it would fit a newborn, with any luck it will fit mine not too many days from now :)

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