Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's been so long!

Due to a series of events, beginning with not having a computer of my own for 6 months, I have clearly been quite absent for many months now. And perhaps the biggest news of this absence is also what will keep me from updating regularly for a while....I'm Pregnant!!! Due very soon now in fact. On the one hand, that has given me many crafts that are smaller and get done quicker, on the other hand it will make free time much more scarce once baby arrives. At any rate, considering how many months it has been, I really don't have that much to show for it, but I do have at least 10 finished projects to post. Some of them have been done since the fall, some of them are very recent. So I'm going to go through the older ones first and then we'll get down to baby stuff :)

For today I want to post something that I have been talking about for in since 2008 when I started it and posted about how much I loved the yarn I was using. It started out as a bridesmaid gift and I had hoped to make two similar ones and give them to my girls before the wedding last summer. Obviously, that didn't even come close to happening, but I did manage to finish one and give it to my amazing friend Sara for her birthday/engagement/christmas gift this past fall. It is a shawl that I made using a pattern my Mother-in-Law found and gave to me from knitting daily tv. It was pretty easy, and came out great, it just took me forever. I actually got a really big chunk of it done and then got hit with working 4 months and then the wedding took over and then it was fall and I finally finished it. Anyway, I used the spa yarn from and it was probably a little less sturdy than if I had used the linen yarn that the pattern recommended, but it's alright, I like it better this way. So here it is, I have one picture of it being blocked, and a close up of the pattern:

And next time, hopefully this week unless a certain baby decides it is time to come out, I will be posting the ragged square quilt that I made as a gift for my sister and gave to her for christmas :)

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