Saturday, June 19, 2010


This is it! The last non-baby thing I've made recently. After I made the ragged squares quilt for my sister, I thought she might enjoy a pillow to match (she has a thing for pillows and blankets, eventually they will take up more of the bed than she does haha) but I just didn't have time to sit and make it. Finally last week I did and after toying with a few patterns, I chose strip blocks. I had considered a log cabin, but I'm really much happier with this I think and it used almost all of the scraps I had :) It is an 18" pillow with an envelope back, my favorite kind really. I really like it and I hope she does too once I finally get it to her.

So that's that. Now I just have to figure out how to organize all the baby stuff I've made. I believe I have more than a dozen things that I have made, almost all of them in the past 2 months (two of them should get done today I think). And hopefully now baby can go ahead and get here so I can stop trying to keep myself busy by making things for him/her haha.

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