Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scrap Quilt

Just a few more posts before I get to baby things! Obviously at this point, my goals and ambitions for my crafting have changed a bit. Back in September I had a few goals that I hoped to accomplish within the year, and while I've made good progress, I have also needed to reevaluate (as I suspected I would). First, the issue of the one goal I had outside of the quilts I wanted to make: free motion quilting. I would love to call this accomplished, but in reality I tried and it did not go well. The scrap quilt I am posting today was intended to have swirlies up the seams and I tried, oh believe me I tried, but I am really bad and have no control when I am trying to move the quilt. It was ugly despite my practice and attempts and eventually I ended up doing wavy squares inside the plain squares on this quilt, hoping it would make me did not and it looks pretty bad. Luckily, most of it isn't too noticeable, but if you look closely, it's not pretty, and really I'm okay with that. This is not to say I will never free motion quilt, but for right now it is just not a priority.

Anyway, on to the quilt. I made this one to replace the t-shirt quilt that had been my couch cuddle blanket since it is dying a bit. It used up almost all of my scraps, with 6.5" squares on the front, alternating between strip pieced squares and plain squares and the back is 12.5" squares with some strips thrown in because I didn't have quite enough fabric. I actually think it's a pretty ugly blanket, but that's okay, it's comfy and it cleaned out a lot of my fabric which was the point. It is also kinda cool to have something with a piece of just about every project I've made since I started sewing a couple of years ago. The pictures aren't great since the weather has been very....Binghamton (cloudy and gray), but they make the point. The binding is all yellow fabric and really in my opinion, that is what saves it. So here it is:

Next up will be a pillow to match the ragged squares blanket and then the stacked coins quilt, which is the beginning of the baby frenzy :)

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