Friday, January 13, 2012

fridayish things

Happy Friday! I am looking forward to this weekend very much, especially since it is the last before the hubby starts his crazy semester and things go nuts. Hopefully we will get to relax some and enjoy the last bit of calm before the storm. Oh, and I'm totally hoping to quilt my farmer's wife quilt :) The back arrived yesterday and it is {already} washed and ready to go, so today is basting and hopefully tomorrow quilting. We'll see if I can get the whole thing done in a day....I am sure going to try! I am pretty sure I am just going to do some straight lines in the sashing. I guess we'll see once it is all laid out and I am forced to make a final decision.

Moving on, all I have been doing the last couple of days is working on my embroidery 101 quilt. I kind of love it. I am done 3 blocks and I am learning a lot. I am getting better as I go and maybe someday my stitches will be even, although I'm not counting on it. It looks good though. It is sure slow going and I haven't taken any pictures of it yet, but I will. Soon.

So I thought I would share the sewing wallet I made earlier this week. I put it up on my WIP post, but I haven't had a chance to post about it itself. And since I've been using it for my embroidery things, I have given it a nice test run. I kept seeing these pop up a while back, and I liked the idea. I really wanted to have one when we were traveling for the holidays but it just didn't get done, which was really okay since I probably wouldn't have used it anyway, what with being on a knitting kick. After going back and forth between a couple different designs, I settled on this one. The outer piece is patched together from my leftover ruby fabric and that is just happy. Such wonderful colors! The inside is just a pocket on each side with some felt in the center. I must say that the felt is so handy, for both sticking the needles in and running extra pieces of floss through. I can fit my scissors and floss in the pockets with no problem, although it does get a bit thick when closed. I am happy with it and it will work. My machine binding sucks, and I should have put it on the other way, but oh well.

So that's that. And now I am going to wait for naptime to try and get this huge FW quilt basted before my little love wakes up :) I hope I have enough pins because I don't have any spray at the moment....

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