Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday {1.18.12}

Hm, I wonder how long it will take me to get used to writing 12 in the date...

Anyway, today is my birthday edition of WIP Wednesday. Which means pretty much nothing different except that I am going to throw in this picture of the sweet birthday banner I made that my hubby hung up for me yesterday while I was at work :) The picture is blurry because that's what lack of light will do for you, but it still makes me happy. *sigh* I just love birthdays

And now on to the things I actually did this week! Admittedly it doesn't look like a whole lot, possibly because I have nothing finished, but I made good progress.

Still Going:

Farmer's Wife

This is my big deal this week. It went from being just a quilt top, to being quilted and the binding sewn on the front. Now I just get to relax and hand stitch the binding down. We'll see how long it takes.

Skill Builder

I am behind a block on this now, but I am going to do them both this weekend after the next one is up. I'd rather just focus on the two of them and didn't want to break up my flow this week.

Embroidery 101

I have 3 blocks done and the design transferred on the 4th. I am moving right along and I am loving learning all these stitches and getting better at embroidery. I am so glad I am doing this!

I also started the slippers for my little one. As in, the pattern and the bottom pieces are cut out, and I have a vague idea what fabrics I am using. I might work on that this afternoon since I think they should be pretty easy to make. Famous last words.....

Bags are on hold right now. I have too many other things that I need/want to give my attention to and those are a fairly low priority at the moment. So off the list they go so as not to just stress me out every week.

Also, since I spent all my time either embroidering or finishing up my farmer's wife quilt, I didn't start anything new. The only thing I am adding to my list is sorting all my scraps. Truth be told I don't have a huge amount, but I have such a small space available that they have outgrown it and I am planning to start a scrap quilt soon and see how far I can get. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I still have other things to finish first!

And now I'm off to do some birthday cleaning, spend lots of time with my little love bug, sew a little, and bake a funfetti cake before hanging out with some great people :) Oh the sweet life! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Love your projects. I'm almost finished with my Embroidery 101. I have to do a little handstitching around one block and bind it to be finished.

  2. Your post reminds me that I have the Embroidery Workshop book that I should be looking through to learn and find projects.