Sunday, January 15, 2012


Oh hey there Monday, how are you? It was a good weekend around here. Quite good in fact. A touch cold (and by that I mean it was -2 when we woke up yesterday), but good.

My farmer's wife quilt is quilted and I am going to get some binding today. I was trying to decide between plain black and scrappy rainbow, and black won. I'm classy like that. But I am just about out of black, so I'll need to remedy that first. And if I am lucky I will get that sewn on Wednesday. All I have to say after this weekend is huge quilt + tiny machine = not so much fun quilting. It took me like 8 hours all together. But it is done and I like it. I just went down the sashing twice to frame the blocks. It is a bit wonky which I'm a bit upset about, but it will be alright. Hopefully once it is all bound it will be less noticeable. I am a little afraid to wash it though, I'm afraid that it will be ruined somehow. I guess it will have to happen eventually if we are going to use it. Also, I did realize that a queen size quilt for the couch is excessive. But I'm okay with it. I figure if I turn it sideways it is the perfect snuggle blanket :)

Maybe today I will get another embroidery block started. I just realized today that we are halfway through the month. Which on the one hand blows my mind with how quick it happened, but on the other, I am pretty glad to be halfway to starting some new quilts :) I think next week I will be working on sorting my scraps so I'm ready.  I'm pretty excited. I don't know if I actually have enough scraps for the scrappy quilts I want to make, but I can at least get started and add as I do other things, right?

Also, in completely non crafting news, I made beef stew last night, and irish soda bread (minus the raisins). And it was really delicious and perfect for a winter night. And somehow, it made me feel like a grown up. And I loved it and I think I should probably cook more often. Who knew standing over the stove for 2 hours would be so nice. Did I mention it was delicious?

And that's all. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I just wanted to say hi :)

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