Monday, January 30, 2012

Embroidery 101: blocks 4-9

I must be crazy...crazy productive that is! As of last week, I had 4 embroidery 101 blocks finished. This weekend I went into overdrive and finished the other 5! That is correct, all 9 blocks are finished, thanks mostly to some quality movie time. And I am hoping to have a quilt top by the end of the day. We'll see about that, but I'm going to try. I even think I know what I am going to use for the back, but I still have to go get it so it is subject to change.

I had a good time working on these. For the last one I did change it up and do a back stitch instead of a stem stitch for the outline because I do hate stem stitch a little bit, and the second to last one I skipped the satin stitch for the sake of time/thread/sanity. Oh, and my coral stitch - terrible. But I love how they all came out. So here they are, blocks 4-9.

I can't wait to see this all together. I really want to get this one done and out of the way to clear out some space. I have far too many things (quilts mostly at this point) just sitting around waiting to be made so I am hoping to put some energy into that over the next month or so. I am pretty excited about it, I just need to keep the momentum going.  Now if I want this quilt to together today, I best get to work!

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