Monday, January 9, 2012

moving right along

There is something about a new week in a new year that feels so...refreshing. It was a lovely and {unseasonably} warm weekend, and I feel like I'm actually getting quite a bit done right now. I thought I would share a few little things that I've been making. Mostly my list of things to do right now consists of little practical things to make my life easier. Things I've been meaning to make pretty much for ages.

I decided to start off with some little pot holder-esque things. I got tired of using towels all the time to move pots off the stove and take things out of the oven and them getting in the way and getting super dirty, so I wanted something that would just fit the handles and be easy to grab things. I was going to make some that slip on the handles, but then I saw this and my problems were solved. I had everything I needed already so it was super easy and quick.The binding gave me a bit of trouble, but I made it work.  I made 2, and I must admit they are quite different sizes, but they both work. I did put a pocket on each end so I can tuck my thumb and fingers in if I want to. I kind of love them a little :)

I then moved on to snack bags. Apparently I was feeling a food theme. I used this tutorial and man, they are much bigger than I thought they'd be! I was going to make 4 of them, but I decided that one for each me and the hubby would be just fine. They are so stinking cute! And considering I hate sewing with PUL, they went really smoothly. Once again, I already had everything I needed, so it was perfect. They should certainly make snacktime happier at work, and I am looking forward to buying fewer ziplock bags!

Currently I am plotting and planning to try and get my FW quilt done by my birthday, at least quilted and binding sewn on front. I won't mind snuggling under it while sewing down the binding on my birthday, that's close enough to finished for me :) That means I only have a little over a week, but at least I have a back ordered now and the borders are on, so I am almost ready to baste! Hopefully the back gets here quick! I have hope that I can do this! Baste, quilt, make/sew on binding. No prob.

So that's what I've been up to. I am looking forward to a bunch more small finishes this month and a big one (my FW quilt) before I dive into some new quilts. I think I already have 6 or more quilts planned for this year (not including those already started), so I better get busy!

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