Monday, January 23, 2012

Skill Builder Sampler: Month 8

Good morning everyone! How was your weekend? Good I hope! I had a surprise visit from my parents which was fun, but it did mean less sewing time than I had hoped. But I still go a bit done and I am happy to say that I did the 2 skill builder blocks I needed to do. 

I can't believe I have been working on this sampler for 8 months and we are now 2/3 done! January was the month of curves, something that I enjoyed a lot, even if I'm not great at them. I don't know how I can put a sleeve in without a problem, but when I make a curved quilt block it comes out wonky. Go figure. It was fun though, and someday maybe I'll be brave enough to do a whole quilt with curves.

Block 22: Flowering Snowball
I love the design of this block. Mine came out a bit small and wonky, but I think the smallness was because I couldn't check the scale of the template so I suspect it was a bit small. It's okay though, it will work. Also, not my greatest color choices.

Block 23: Drunkard's Path
I had been wanting to try a drunkard's path block for ages. And I am so glad I did. I kinda like them! I decided to keep it simple and just make 4 blocks and turn it into a circle. I do love how many layout options there are for these. So fun!

Block 24: Curved 9-Patch
This is among my favorite blocks! I just love the way it came out. It is such a cool block!

So far, here are all 24 blocks together

Next up I think we are doing wonky blocks which should be fun :) In the mean time, I am struggling to get everything I want to done. Mostly it is the embroidery 101 blocks that take so much time, but I am pushing through and I'm just about halfway done. Also, I should be finishing up my farmer's wife quilt today or tomorrow! Of course I also just added something to my list....oh well.

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  1. All three look great - I particularly like your 9 patch. Your blocks are looking fabulous together!