Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday {1.11.12}

It's that time again, time for a roundup of works in progress. This is my first list of the new year and I'm kind of excited, I've missed it! I have been going to town on the smaller things on my list in hopes of getting it pretty clear so I can start some serious quilting in February. Now, with the month almost half over, I'm feeling pretty optimistic that I'll be where I want to be by then. So 3 weeks to get all this done and then let the quilts begin!


Snack Bags

I love these little things! I used mine yesterday for the first time and it works just beautifully :)

Hot Pads

Cute and oh so useful! Love!

Sewing Wallet

This is very not perfect, but it will work and I like it, especially to contain things as I am working on my embroidery

Skill Builder Sampler - block 22

I am all caught up. This is the first curves block and I like it quite a bit. It's a little wonky, but not too bad. I think my templates weren't quit the right size and I didn't know how to check the scale. (you can see the previous month of blocks here)

Farmer's Wife top (!!!!)

The top is officially done {happy dance}! I finally added the borders. I lovelovelove it! And the backing is supposed to be delivered tomorrow!!! So once I wash that, the basting will commence. And hopefully this weekend I will get to quilt it and make binding and get it all done except for the hand sewing the binding part! I can't wait!!!  (for pictures of the full top without borders, go here)

Still Going:

Embroidery 101

I finally picked this back up and started the embroidery part. This is what I have done of the first block and I don't think it will take me long to finish so I can get going on the next one. I am enjoying it a lot so far!

Bags (more on that later)
Slippers for the little one, and maybe a pair for me

And that is all I have right now. I want to make the few new things, finish my embroidery 101 (at least the blocks), finish my farmer's wife, and stay caught up on my skill builder blocks, with maybe a few other small things here and there that I am currently undecided on. I think that is pretty reasonable for 3 weeks. I guess time will tell! Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Congrats on finishing your Farmer's Wife top that is no small feat!!

  2. How wonderful - a finished Farmer's Wife top?!! I am just starting mine, so it's nice to see someone finishing!

  3. Your Farmer's Wife top looks fabulous! I'm so excited to see the whole thing. Your Skill Builder curves turned out nicely. That's next on my list to do.

  4. your fwqal top is AWESOME!!!!!!
    (really, i want to keep hitting the exclamation point button)