Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday {1.25.12}

Woah, it's Wednesday again. And things are getting pretty crazy around here with work schedules and everything, and I am kinda beat. And I kinda wish it were Friday. But anyway, creative-wise, it's been a pretty good week. I have a huge finish, and a couple smaller things as well, so I'm feeling pretty good about that. And I think this week I will push through and try to finish my embroidery blocks. And then I have to pick a quilt to start next week (yes, I have quite a few to choose from).



After 6 months of working on it, it is finished. It is huge and wonderful. And once I get a chance to get some pictures, I will celebrate it properly :) Let's just say I love it and I wish I could be snuggled under it all. the. time.

Skill builder - blocks 23 & 24

Curves = complete. I particularly love the 9-patch block.


I was making these for my little lovely, but in the end, they are too small so I've gifted them to a smaller baby who they will hopefully fit at some point. I knew they might be too small, but I thought I'd take my chances. Oh well. I am so proud of them though, they are adorable and I love them.

Scrap sorting is also finished. I organized my fabric and now I just need to decide exactly what scrap quilt(s) I would like to make. I am thinking one string quilt and one triangle quilt....but I can't figure out what kind of string quilt (spiderweb? FITF style? This one at Molly Flanders?) Suggestions?

Still Going:

Embroidery 101

I finished another block and have the next design transferred, but that's about it. I really hope I can get these done this week.

New: Nothing! 

So I just push through my embroidery, and next week my self-imposed no-new-quilts-until-february ban is up! I am pretty excited! Seriously, I think it's better not to talk about how many I have ready, or close to ready to start haha. Maybe I'll list those starting next week. Anyway, check back Friday when I should have a full Farmer's Wife reveal :)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Yay- I'm so excited for you! Farmer's quilt finished?! Wahoo! I can't wait until the reveal. PS- I'm so impressed how much you've gotten done (without any new projects) in January

  2. Cute slippers. I made some for my daughter, but they didn't last her very long. I made little boots too, but they were a joke and a waste of a pattern.