Friday, June 24, 2011

Things for the little one

I decided instead of doing a separate post for each of the babes birthday/4th of July items, I am just going to group them here. I will post pictures of everything in action after it happens too, so no worries, there will certainly be pictures of the dresses being worn and the decorations decorating :)

First up, her 4th of July dress. I used the same pattern as the yellow one, and just tweaked it a bit so it fits better. I love the polka dots and the skinny red border. I think the best decision was putting the bias tape around the bottom (thanks Hubby for convincing me to do it!). I think it is understatedly patriotic and she will be {hopefully} wearing her little headband with the big red flower, although it actually staying on seems doubtful. She is not good with keeping things on her head.
For her birthday, I made a bunch of things. The fabric garland will have to wait since I can't get a good picture until it is hung up and it is currently wrapped up safely for travel so as not to tangle. I used this tutorial though and used a cotton twine type string and made the "flowers" bigger, although I just traced a measuring cup so I don't know exactly what size. I think it's going to look awesome hanging above the food table.

The dress I made is the same as this one. I made it bigger, but she grew so not as much as I thought I was. The front neck part isn't great, the stitching kinda sucks and I had a heck of a time getting around the snaps with the topstitching, but the biggest improvement was that I topstitched the armholes after adding the bias tape and it made it much nicer I thought. I used a pillow case from Ikea for the fabric, so I might have made it longer but didn't have the fabric to do it (it was a $3 as is pillowcase so I just went with it).

I also made the happy birthday banner using all scrap fabric I had lying around and leftover bias tape from the 4th of July dress. The triangles are 5.5" at the top and then 6.5" long at the center. I cut the letters out of heat n bond using my silhouette cutter and then ironed them on black felt I had. Cut, Iron, Stitch. It is similar to what I made for her room, but I left the edges of the triangles raw and just sewed down the sides. It can also be reversed to the other side with no message just for decoration. It was quick, easy, free and it looks amazing. I love it so much and can't wait to use it for all of our birthdays around here. I kinda wish I had better pictures where you could see the different fabrics more, but I'll try and get some later.

Knit shorts were important to go under both of the dresses. They are the same as the others I made and hopefully will get her through the summer. I only made the red ones for the 4th, and they are a bit too long in the rise since I forgot to cut them down, and two black pairs, one of which I forgot to use the stretchy stitch around the legs to it is a bit tighter. That's okay though, they will work and they'll be under other prettier things anyway.

I also made a little flower clip to go on her headband for her birthday. Super easy and cute using this tutorial. I did circles instead of flower shapes because, well to be honest I couldn't freehand draw the flowers and didn't feel like turning on the printer but I had a circle to trace nearby. It is about 2.5" across, and I put some little leaves and a button on. I hot glued it onto a clip that just clips onto the headband. She probably won't keep it on, but that's okay. It is really stinking cute. I kind of want to make a zillion more in every color...but I'd have to convince her to wear them first.

And that is all. That was a lot for a post. Sorry for the overload, I just didn't feel like dragging all this out and they don't really need their own posts, since most of it I have made before, or at least variations. I actually went a bit crazy and the pillow is done (I love it!!!) so I am almost done everything I need done before leaving for some family time the end of next week. It's good to feel productive :)

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