Thursday, June 2, 2011

shorts for the little one

Why is it so hard to find little girl shorts that aren't a bright weird color or ridiculously expensive?? I mean seriously, I just want some plain old shorts for my daughter! Once I made that little practice dress, she needed something to wear under it since it is a bit short. I thought perhaps pants would be a bit much in the almost 90 degree weather so I set about making a pair of shorts.

I knew what I wanted them to look like, she had a pair last summer/fall that are obviously too small that I loved. And for fabric I decided to cut up and old pair of gauchos that I was getting rid of anyway. I decided the easiest thing to do was find a pattern for basic shorts in a bigger size, make them as per the directions, and then just add my own waist band and leg bands in the right size which should create just the puffy little look I was going for. I am happy to report it worked perfectly! I used this pattern although there are plenty of options out there. The only thing that need to be changed is the waist band needs to be a bit tighter since I may have underestimated the stretch in the fabric, but they still fit and she looks super cute. I figured the waistband the same way as the knit yoga skirt actually and just didn't make it a fold-over, and did it similarly for the leg bands, but kept them at just the size of the legs because I didn't really want those too tight but maybe on the next ones I will make it a big more snug. The came out pretty well for a first attempt, I am even getting pretty good at gathering! I am glad I have been braving knits a bit more.

I tried to get a good action shot of the shorts, but someone was just not cooperating so this weird side view will have to do. I'll have to try again another day.

I think I'll make another pair of brown ones and two pair of black out of the other pair of gauchos I am getting rid of. It only used about a pant leg of fabric for one pair and I think 4 pairs of nice neutral shorts should work perfectly for summer. Cuter than what I've seen in the stores and certainly cheaper :) I like this game!

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