Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIP Wednesday {6.22.11}

Here we are again. I am happy to report there has been quite a bit of progress since last week.


Urban Lattice Quilt

I am happy to say this is bound washed and wrapped. More on that in a couple weeks after it is given.

4th of July Dress

Yep, died of cuteness. Even though I had to fight with it because I got single fold instead of double fold bias tape. Oops. It's okay, skinny bias tape is classy.

Birthday Dress

It is finished! I don't love it, there are some....problems, but she'll look awfully cute in it. I'm glad it's done anyway, now I just have to make some shorts to go under it.

Birthday Garland

I love it! I can't wait to see it all hung up with everything else when my baby girl turns 1!!

Happy Birthday Banner

I decided to make this in the past week and I love it! It is so festive and I think I am going to hang it up for everyone's birthday! Seriously, I kinda can't wait til my birthday now haha.

SBS Block #1

I decided to go with the courthouse steps block instead of the traditional log cabin and I love it! I can't wait to see more come together. I think I am just going to do one actual progress post per month since one per week seems a lot, but I'll post them here as I go. I need to feel accomplished :)

Still going:

Christmas Pinwheels

Hopefully this week I will finish the initial cutting and start sewing some HSTs. We'll see. I'd be happy with just getting the cutting done I think and who knows if it will happen.


Which category does this go in? I have a block to make each week, so it is really always still going, but I also (hopefully) complete one each week. For now it goes in both places.


Merrylegs pillow

The embroidery is done, now to make the pillow! I am super excited about this!

More Knit baby shorts

Same pattern I used here. I have 4 pairs cut out waiting to be sewn, hopefully during naptime today. They should go quick, I just have to sit down and knock them out.

Ipod case

I need an ipod case for traveling next week. I am designing it in my head right now. That counts right??

Starting count: 6
Completed: 6
New: 3
Total: 5

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  1. I love your Urban Lattice quilt. Very nice!

  2. The Urban Lattice quilt looks great but that 4th of July Dress is to die for! (just as you said...:)

  3. The Urban Lattice is lovely!

  4. Your July 4 dress might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  5. Oh my gosh! What adorable dresses. And how cute is that Merry Legs?? :)

  6. Thanks guys! I appreciate the kind words :)

  7. very nice projects... I love the dresses and the stitchery.