Monday, June 27, 2011

Merrylegs --the pillow!

So the other day I went crazy and made the entire pillow in a naptime. It was crazy and awesome. I love making small things like this, it just goes so quick. This is one of those things that I designed in my head and then just couldn't wait to make.

Anyway, the fabric is a combination of the leftovers from the doll and some scraps from a quilt that a friend made her and she graciously gave me. They blend well together even though the doll has blue and the quilt has aqua. Each square is 2.5 inches and the circle is 6". I put the patchwork together and then sandwiched it and did a couple of quilting lines and then sewed the circle on. I decided for the circle to sew it to another piece of white all the way around and then cut a slit and pull it through. I thought that made the raw edge issue much easier to deal with.

The back is a pillow case from the set I bought for my little ones curtains. That way the edges were finished, although I did add some binding to the outside edge because it was pretty and I'm glad I did, I like it a lot. The bravest thing I did was add piping, and as annoying and imperfect as it is, it really makes the pillow. It was actually leftover piping from when I ripped the seams out of the ikea pillow case I used to make the birthday dress and it was pretty uneven, but the color was so perfect I decided not to care. Consequently, the piping is sewn in really close in some places and not in others and the white basting stitches that hold the piping part in are pretty obvious in a lot of spots. I actually ended up basting the piping in place before I put the pillow together so I didn't have to worry about it moving and it worked well.

I love it and I hope my little friend does too. Now I want to make pretty quilted pillows for my house....I suppose I do need to cover one more couch pillow....haha I guess I'll add it to the list.

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