Friday, June 10, 2011

shower wrap

Alright, this project might be a bit of a fail. It just didn't quite go as planned and I kinda wish I'd gone with my instincts and not used a pattern and just made it up as I went along. But, I didn't. And while I suppose it is functional, it's not great.

See, it started the end of last summer when my cheap summer terry cloth shower wrap from target started to die. I was going to go looking for another one but decided it couldn't possibly be hard to make one. So it's been on my list for many months. And I finally bought a pretty towel and got to work. I was planning on just using the one I had as a guide and winging it but then I realized that I had a pattern for this exact thing as part of the burda pattern 7674 that I got to make this bag. I knew I wasn't using 7 snaps for a shower wrap so I replaced that with velcro (circles of course!). I also lined the top with a really soft jersey knit that I've had for quite a while but I don't have much of it so I was just waiting for the right small project. Really it started because the towel wasn't big enough for me to cut the lining pieces, but whatever, it worked out better this way.

Honestly, it doesn't fit very well in the chest and in order to keep it up I had to cut off an extra 7" of elastic in the back so it is tight enough. I also am not sure whether it will survive very long since a seam ripped and had to be resewed already. On the plus side, it was way easier using a towel that already has finished edges and it is way bright and fun :) We'll see. While it is not my favorite project, it should serve it's purpose.

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