Monday, June 20, 2011


I finally took the plunge and tried my hand at embroidery. I love it!! It is really like coloring with thread. I had been wanting to learn and even got Doodle Stitching for christmas and had been waiting to have time to try it out. Well the hubs has been gone all weekend so I decided to give it a go after the little one went to bed. It went pretty well for a first attempt. Some of my french knots could use a little help (they are a bit loopy), but other than that, I impressed myself.

This is the merrylegs design that came with the pattern in the Fat Quarterly Holiday 2010 issue, and I wanted to make it for one of the girls I gave the doll to. She loves her doll and takes it everywhere so I thought it would be nice. I tried to have it coordinate with the doll, using the same colors and whatnot. It's pretty close and I'm quite proud. I am planning on making this into a pillow and I am super excited. Hopefully I can get it done this week (since her birthday is in 2 weeks) but we'll see since I am in the midst of a lot of birthday prep for my little one. I am just about done her 4th of July dress so now it's on to the birthday dress and the rest of the decorations! So much to be done!

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  1. How cute! I got that book recently and am about to start trying it this week. I just printed out the peacock feather to start with! Hope my first time goes as well as yours!