Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ipod case

I've spent some time making some travel items recently, in preparation for our little trip this weekend. One of the things I made was a case for my ipod to travel in without getting scratched up. I had been cooking up a design for a while and settled on a simple pouch, open at the top with an elastic/button closure and a pocket in front for either my headphones or charging cable.

I used leftover Ikea fabric from the laptop case I made my sister, and even fussy cut a flower for the back. I settled on some green polkadot fabric I had for the lining. I really just used two roughly 4"X6" rectangles for the body (I just set my ipod down centered over top of the flower I wanted to use and measured out on each side and cut it and used that to cut the rest of the pieces). For the pocket I had it go out 3/4" on either side so it would hold more, and then folded the lining over to make a casing for elastic. I love the way it worked out.

I am pretty sure the big pink button really makes it :) And the pocket in front fits my charger cord perfectly! I am so excited I don't have to worry about sticking it in my bag and it getting damaged anymore.

I guess I better start getting organized for this trip. Traveling with a 1 year old is no joke! An infant was hard, but I have to entertain her now and with that little attention span, she gets bored quick. Oh, and did I mention she is not a big fan of the car to begin with?!?

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