Friday, June 3, 2011

I hate ironing

Seriously, I must be nuts. I've gone back and forth on the prewash/don't prewash debate since I started quilting. I don't generally have a preference, and really if my quilts shrink an couple inches it's no big deal. But now that I am making so many smaller things, including clothes and other things that I would like to be washable and not shrink, not to mention I have a child who will put anything and everything in her mouth, prewashing the fabric has become the better option.

Consequently, I just spend what felt like forever (but in reality was 2-3 hours...oh wait, that's pretty much forever) ironing and folding all my freshly washed fabrics. I finally cleaned out the closet and washed pretty much everything that could be washed and hadn't been. Something like 59 pieces of fabric I think, mostly 1/2 yards. I have a few things left; I like to keep an unwashed white sheet for sashing things that can't be prewashed (like all those precuts) and there are a few pieces that I just didn't see because they were smushed between other things that I'll just have to get on laundry day, but other than that, everything is ready to go!

It feels kinda nice actually, it all smells clean and is just ready to be used whenever I get around to it. I think I have piles for 3-4 quilts that are planned out in my head, so maybe I'll get to work on that this summer.

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