Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Boxy Bags

In between quilting projects, I have been busy making some more travel accessories for our upcoming vacation (24 days!!!). One of the things on my list was a toiletry bag. Two actually since I decided we each need one. So I made a couple boxy bags {Japanese style}.

It started on Pinterest, as many things do. I saw this pin.

And I thought the boxy bags were so stinking cute and set about finding the tutorial. Which I did. The only problem: the instructions were in Japanese and the pdf couldn't be translated by google. Luckily, the pictures were enough to go on and I figured it out from there. I started out with this tutorial, which I have used before, for the initial steps, except my starting piece of fabric was a bit smaller. Easy peasy. I even laminated some fabric this time so that I could use the prints I wanted to. Then I did the ends using the pictures from the Japanese tutorial.

Here is my question: Why don't more people do the bag ends like this?!?!?! It is so easy, only one seam on each end instead of 3, and seriously, it looks so stinking cute!! The only down side to doing it this way is that it makes it a bit difficult to add a handle to the end, but I think that's okay. And I suppose that is only if you are okay with having the seams inside instead of hidden in the lining. So really, if you are thinking of making a bag like this, I highly recommend this method for the ends. It really wasn't hard to figure out from the pictures and I did a quick test piece to make sure I understood.

I am loving these little bags. I think they ended up 7"x4"x4" which is pretty much perfect. I just wanted it big enough to fit my toothbrush since that is probably the longest thing I will want to put in there, so this works perfectly. I think the fabric I started with was 12"x17 and I used a layer of fusible fleece to make it sturdy. Honestly, my only issue with it is that it crinkles every time you touch it thanks to the vinyl, but I'll deal. And I was glad to be able to use pac-man and elephants. So that was a win :) I even remembered to switch to polyester thread so that it won't wick through the cotton immediately if it gets wet. I think I need to make one more for the little one....

And there you have it, one more thing to make for happy travels :) Next up is my purse. But not until I finish those darn skill builder blocks! I'm almost done!

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