Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday {4.4.12}

Happy Wednesday! The week being half over certainly is good news! I am so close to done working I can taste it! The joy of seasonal employment! I am looking forward to having a couple extra days in my week :) Anyway, this week was good. I feel like I didn't do much, but when I type it all out it looks like a bit more, so that's good.


Toddler Vest

Started and finished in a naptime. I love those projects :)  

Still Going:

Granny Squares

I am done all 25 blocks and have started adding the borders. I am considering doing a scrappy square border all the way around the edges since I have so many left over, so we'll see.

Tova Tunic

We should be putting the collar on this week and then it will be done! I might even wear it to work :)

Cosmic Burst QA - Starts Friday!
Echo Kaleidoscope - Hoping to get a back figured out this week
Scrappy Triangles - I need to start sewing these together.


*dresden toddler quilt
*toddler swoon quilt 

Not too bad. I feel like I have an awful lot to do right now, but I guess it's not really that bad. My hope is to have a completed tova top, and a granny square quilt top by next week...and maybe have my kaleidoscope ready to be quilted, I don't know about that one though, I might be pushing it. Really, I just need to stop getting new ideas for long enough to get something done without getting distracted! I'll work on that.....

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  1. I really like how your Granny Squares are turning out. I think that might be my next project. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. HA! Stop getting new ideas, now there is a thought, if you can stop doing that let me know how cause I have the same problem! : ) Love the Granny Squares. I have seen that a lot lately and I love it. I am going to have to make one of those. The vest you made is so cute. I guess we just have to keep plugging away at those things. Sounds like you have done a lot.

  3. Your granny squares are beautiful! I love the colors :-)

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  4. The Tova Tunic is so cool! And good job on the Granny Squares- you've gotten a lot done. Is this your last week of work?

  5. your grannies look awesome. well done and I can so envision a scrappy border with what you have laid out.

  6. Great Grannies!! Can't wait to see the border on it,