Friday, April 27, 2012

Skill Builder Sampler: some odd shapes

Another month of skill builder blocks to show! We only have 2 months (6 blocks) left to go! We are definitely down to some more difficult things at this point, but it is so much fun to try all these things. I love that as we go I find all kinds of things that I can't wait to try again in a whole quilt (equilateral triangles for example) and things that I never plan to do again (say, apple cores).  Good to try first on a small scale. So here are my 3 blocks.

Block 28: Tumblers
Tumblers are way fun and oh so cute. I have only tried them before as a border, so it was nice to see what it is like to do rows of them. I think I may need to do an entire tumbler quilt at some point. 

Block 29: Apple Cores
I have wanted to try apple cores for quite a while now. As it turns out, they look cool, but are not as fun to make. I think I might have liked this block more if they were smaller an took up the whole block, but I don't know. If I ever use this shape again (doubtful), I don't think it will be much larger than a pillow. I actually think, and I do not say this often, these might be easier to hand piece. I don't know, mine are a bit wonky and I definitely have a few small puckers in there.

Block 30: Equilateral Triangles
I love this block. Love. I absolutely want to make an entire quilt like this. Which is funny, because I am just about to start sewing my scrappy triangles which are similar, but not equilateral. My block did come up a bit short though and I'm not really sure why. I don't think it will matter though.

I can't believe how close to done we are. I am so looking forward to putting this quilt top together this summer. And then, it can go on our bed. Unless I can't bring myself to kick my farmer's wife quilt off of there :)  So, anybody got any good weekend plans??  I have none so far and it feels glorious just to have a weekend of nothing ahead of me. If we are lucky, it will be nice enough to go to the park, but I'm not counting on it with this crazy weather.

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  1. All 3 look great and I SO agree with you about the apple core. It looks more fun than it actually is to make it.