Friday, April 13, 2012

Granny Squares {quilt} top

Happy Friday! Is everyone else looking forward to the weekend in a big way? I know I am. And this weekend, I am determined to quilt my kaleidoscope quilt! So that's the plan anyway. I need to get that out of the way.

But this isn't about that quilt, this is about my scrappy granny squares quilt. The top is finished! I tried for some nice outside pictures, but the weather was not cooperating, so we'll just have to deal with some inside pictures. This top finished at about 68" square. I fully expect it to shrink a lot since only half of the fabrics are pre-washed, but that's alright.

I'll be honest, I am so much more in love with this quilt top then I thought I'd be. Initially I was just going to throw it in the pile of quilts to find a home for, but I am loving it way too much for that right now. We'll see once it is finished. I am trying to plan a back using only scraps. And probably using as many 2" squares as I can manage since I still have an insane amount. If I am lucky, I will bind it in leftover binding too.

I wasn't sure I would like the scrappy border, but once it was on, I just loved it even more. I think it helps that this thing has scraps from so many different projects that I've done. I can't wait to quilt it and see how it comes out. I am thinking of some FMQ practice of some kind, but we'll see. I guess I can deal with that decision later, right now, I need to focus on one quilt at a time. Which I guess means I should really go finish the back for my kaleidoscope and get it basted. Hopefully the quilting goes fairly quickly and painlessly! Have a good weekend!


  1. Love it! Good luck with your FMQ!

  2. This is amazing. I "pinned" it this morning.... and its been going crazy with repins... you must be onto something.

  3. I LOVE the scrappy border!!! It makes the quilt. Love it!