Monday, October 22, 2012

texty geese

Is it a sign of a good weekend if you are just super tired at the end of it? We had a lot of fun this weekend while my parents came for a visit, but man am I tired and longing to get back to our slow, steady routine. We had a beautiful weekend in upstate NY and visited our second pumpkin farm of the season and just generally had lots of fun. I also now have an entirely different type of project to tackle as we now have a new {to us} chair that needs to be painted and reupholstered so we can use it as a new desk chair. We'll see it it goes, I have never done anything like that before, so I am hoping with a little help I can pull it off.

I really didn't get to sew at all this weekend, but I did finish up the pillow I was working on. It was pretty small (at least compared to a quilt) so it didn't take long to get the binding on, I just had to make myself sit down and do it.

This is the first time I have put binding on a pillow. I thought I would give it a try so I didn't have to worry about the raw edges inside and it worked really well and I love the look of it. I did an envelope closure (my favorite) and I just love it. The fabric is all leftover from the napkins that failed, and it is really just a happy pillow. I am so obsessed with text + rainbow and I love this headline text fabric. And I found the numbers at a LQS and they just felt right for this.

It is 16" so I had to enlarge the circle of geese pattern to make each quadrant finish at 8 inches instead of 6, which was not the easiest since I needed it the exact width of a piece of paper and my printer did not appreciate it. But I just ended up cutting off the seam allowance and making sure I had enough fabric hanging over to cut it the right size.  I also did quilt it, echoing each of the geese, but it blends in so much you really can't see it. It gives it some nice texture though.

I do love this pattern; and if I am honest I really would like to keep it, but I am going to be strong and give it as a gift. To make myself feel better I think I already have another pillow cover planned to replace it. It may take forever though. And I actually have the second one that I need alreday planned too, but at the moment I have to keep it secret. Right now though, I have about a gazillion feathers to make. Or 55, whichever. I do love them though, so that helps. I'll have some sneaky pictures on Wednesday of those I have done so far :)

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  1. So stinkin' cute! That would definitely be hard to give away. That's some serious self-control. :)