Friday, October 19, 2012

The good and the bad

I'm going to go ahead and start with the good. I am super happy that I have my first big quilt commission! The photographer that took our family pictures back in July asked me if I would make her a quilt for her bed. The best part: she wants a feather bed quilt! I have been looking for an excuse to make one of these and now I have it!

I just got all my fabrics and washed them and everything, and I even did a little cutting/piecing. She really liked the original picture so I am using field study fabrics, with kona charcoal stems and a cream background. I am using 15 different prints and seriously, they are so much prettier in person than on a computer screen. I ordered from Sew Fresh Fabrics and Peg was super nice and made me my own little bundle of 1/4 yard cuts since the pattern recommends you use 1/4 yard cuts instead of fat quarters.

I am super excited and I can't wait to see it come together! Of course it is queen size so we are talking a lot of feathers here. I just hope I don't get tired of them before I am done haha.

Now for the bad, because I might as well keep it real. Got to accept the failures along with the successes, right? Remember those lovely napkins I just got finished. Well I washed them. And it did not go well. As in throw them away because I can't possibly give them to anyone as a gift. I am pretty depressed about it, but when I washed them they shrunk so unevenly it isn't funny. The backs have a good inch of extra fabric and they do not lay remotely flat. Not to mention they are really no longer square. *sigh* I couldn't even bear to take a picture, they are tucked away where I don't have to look at them. And this is why I usually pre-wash my fabric. I figured I didn't have a problem with the last set I made, but this one apparently the outer and inner fabrics just shrunk completely differently. I suppose part of the problem was getting a cheaper solid fabric from Joanns. Anyway, I guess now I know better and I will go get more fabric and try again. I will probably figure out a way to use the fabric from these for something, or maybe they will be my napkin set, I don't know yet. I'll figure it out when I can stand to look at them again.

And just so that we don't end on a bad note, here is one more picture of pretty fabric :) Have a lovely weekend!

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