Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIP Wednesday {10.31.12}

Happy Halloween!! We haven't made a call about trick-or-treating yet, but so far it looks to be cold and rainy, and since my 2 year old doesn't really care, I'm not sure we'll be going out. It's alright though, she'll have plenty of Halloweens to make up for it :)  In sewing land, I didn't get much done. It was a long week with many interruptions, but I did what I could. I also appologize in advance for the horrible pictures, but I am not kidding when I say that, like much of the east coast, we have not seen the sun in days so a dark inside picture will have to do.



the only thing completed is my chair makeover. I love this and it just brightens up our office. There may be more furniture makeovers in my future....

New: I didn't really have time to start anything new. Which is probably for the best. Although I think I got a few more gifts decided.

Still Going:


This is my main project at this particular moment. I now have all the strip feather pieces cut and the stems, so next up is a whole lot of background. I am looking forward to the cutting being done and being able to begin sewing. 

lilly belle
Yep, still need a back and some batting before I can do anything with this, and then I'll need hand quilting supplies. So maybe one of these days I will get around to it. 

*wedding quilt -I think I know what I am going to do. But it might have to wait until I knock out some gifts....
*wedding quilt II- I know exactly what I am going to do, I just need to find out what colors would be preferred.
*baby quilt - still an idea just waiting for me to come play. Once I find the perfect fabric I will be on my way. Someday....

So there it is. I am hoping to make some really good progress on the feathers quilt this week and maybe even pick up a back for lilly belle. I have a couple of other things being plotted, but nothing has made it very far out of my head yet. I am a bit unfocused these days, and I keep having moments of ohmygodtomorrowisnovember. It will all get there though.

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  1. I love the shape of your chair, and you finished it perfectly! Beautiful fabric in your feathers too!

  2. fabulous chair! over here in NH, we actually had blue sky and sun for about ten minutes today :)

  3. CHAIR!!!! It turned out so good!