Friday, November 2, 2012


Do you hear me? I made socks, people!! And they are pretty and knit and wearable (not so much by me, but that is clearly not the point). And there are no holes or anything! I am pretty much bursting with excitement over here in case you can't tell! I didn't think I would ever make socks, and yet here I am. The next pair is already planned, and hopefully the next pair will fit my feet. Making 2 socks at once is pretty much awesome since I am pretty sure I would never make the second one otherwise. I made them from the book Knitting Circles Around Socks, and I used a yarn from knit picks, but I forget which one since I just stole it from my dads stash. And hubby says they are comfy and he likes them, which he might tell me either way, but we'll see if he actually wears them. He probably won't anyway because he'll be afraid of ruining them. Here they are on his lovely man feet

In other completely unrelated news, I am going on my first sewing retreat in March. Have you heard about Sew South?? Jennifer over at ellison lane quilts put it together for us here on the east coast and I am so looking forward to meeting some quilting/sewing/blogging friends and spending a weekend doing what we love most. When I last looked there were still a few tickets left in case anyone else was thinking of going. It looks like it is going to be loads of fun and I can't wait!!

What I really need to be doing today is working on the feather quilt. What I am going to be doing instead is going to a LQS and running some other errands and preparing for a weekend with my sister, which will not involve any sewing but will be pretty spectacular. It's okay though, I think the cutting part of the feathers is almost done. I hope so anyway. Not my favorite part. I guess that is something to worry about next week though. Happy Weekend!!!

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