Monday, November 12, 2012

drowning in feathers

This is how my weekend sewing started:

And it has progressed to this:

Actually I have more than that done now, but that was when I took a picture break. The killer: I am not even quite halfway done making these things! I think I can get them done in about 3 days if I can stay focused, so hopefully by mid week I will have all the feather blocks finished and can start working on layout. I believe this will be my largest quilt to date, just a touch larger than my farmers wife and skill builder quilts. Now, where I am going to lay thing thing out is an entirely different issue...

I just keep realizing how tight time is to get this done and all the other little things I need to do before we pack everything up and move. I am honestly not sure I can get it all done, especially with almost a week with family for thanksgiving next week, but for now I will remain optimistic. I have high hopes of having the feathers basted before we go next week, and maybe even prepping some of the other things. And how the heck is thanksgiving next week already?!?!? Ahhhhhh!!!