Friday, November 16, 2012

thistledown hat

Hello and happy Friday! I am still working on turning my feathers into a quilt top, but I did manage to finish the knit hat this week! I am so in love with it, it is going to be so hard to give away. If only you could feel the softness of the yarn, it is really quite incredible. Now if only I knew what it was.....

It was a pretty quick knit. The pattern was only $1.99 through knit picks. It is a really simple pattern with a really impressive result, the best kind of pattern. I went up a size for each needle, actually out of necessity since I already had the smaller needles a size larger and the store only had a size larger for the bigger ones, but I knit tight and usually go up a size anyway so it worked out just fine. I am already planning another that I can keep :)

Now I need to go hide it in the gift pile so I don't keep wearing it. Have I mentioned that it is the softest yarn ever?!?!  Hopefully I will be back next week with an amazing finished feather quilt top to show off. It is looking really good so far and I am quite excited. I also hope that we make good progress this weekend on the cleaning out of all our crap so that after thanksgiving, the packing can begin. Ahhh so much to do so little time!!

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