Monday, October 1, 2012

Itty bitty baby quilt

So, um, October?? Apparently yes, a new month is upon us. And I am slowly remembering how much I hate being cold haha. Of course that just makes me want to sew and knit and make warm things, so really it's okay. This weekend, after I finished quilting my tragic kingdom quilt, I realized I really hadn't thought about what I was going to start after that, so I spent a bit of time feeling kind of lost as I tried to work out what to start. As a result I made my holiday gift making list along with a list of all the things I need to get to make everything, and even cut out the blocks for another quilt. It was good times.

I even managed to squeeze in a movie night to bind my echo baby quilt! It is now all washed and crinkly good...and sitting in a pile waiting for me to find it a home. I guess I reached a point where I am just making quilts because I want to make them and I have been working to use up scraps. This quilt used up pretty much all the echo I had left. I have a few random squares and strips for the scrap bin, but for the most part this is it. All the squares are 6" or 3" and I really love the busy look of it. After washing it is about 33.5" square, so good for a little baby. I backed it in a gray flannel and it's nice and soft.

The special thing about this quilt is the quilting. I was super excited to try a new design and I used the tutorial over at Oh, Fransson! for orange peel quilting. It was easy to do, although I did have to draw some grid lines on the larger squares. It definitely got easier as I went and I love the texture it gives. And with a solid back you can see the design really well and I just love it. I am glad I tried it on a small quilt though and I am not sure how large a quilt I would try this on. I really like it, a lot, and will definitely be using it again.

Now I just need to finish binding my tragic kingdom quilt. Also, it has been determined that me and my partner in crime (or quilting as it were) are making our own quilt shop hop this weekend to check out some more quilt shops in the area and I am pretty excited. I am working on my shopping list :) I am hoping one of the shops has some nice pearl cotton so I can finally try some hand quilting, on the quilt I just started in fact, and which I will hopefully have together very soon. Oh the big plans I do have!