Friday, July 8, 2011

Urban Lattice

Finally, this quilt is given and I can talk about it! This quilt is a wedding gift, and a fairly belated one at that. I am still within my year, but not by much haha. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make the happy couple a quilt and I tossed around quite a few idea. The first thing settled was the color scheme. I decided to use their wedding colors--she wore and ivory dress, him a white suit, the girls purple (ish) dresses, the accent color was sapphire blue, and the favors were chocolate. Then the fabric collection began. I collected the prints while I was quilt shop hopping in the fall and then sat and stared at them for a while. I was originally going to make a film strip quilt a la crazy mom quilts. But I just couldn't get going on it. I was unmotivated. So it sat, undone for many a month.

Then one day I happened across the Urban Lattice Quilt Along and I fell in love. I just had to make one so I started looking through my cabinet and saw these and it was perfect! It kept the colors from becoming overwhelming, and created a very modern look. I quickly made a test block to see if I liked it (I did) and got to cutting. It was my first paper piecing so that was interesting, but it went pretty well and definitely kept things nice and lined up. I did change the measurements a bit from the QAL and made the color squares a bit bigger. My center strip is still 1" but then the white/ivory part is 3.75" I think instead of 5". I just messed with it until it looked like the right proportions to me. I tried to keep the colors balanced and I think it came out well. It is actually kind of hard to tell in the pictures that the squares alternate between white and ivory, but it looks really cool in person.

The back is a strip piecing of 3 fabrics that I had sitting around. It worked out perfectly actually. One was on clearance at ikea and two of them my dad was going to throw out and I saved them. The strip piecing helps them blend and really I think it looks kinda snowy which is perfect for a quilt I think. I also like the different shades of blue. I was worried about them blending well, but I love it. I quilted in the white/ivory squares; I did 6 squares in each, roughly 1/2" apart and I love love love it! The binding is scrappy pieces from cutting out the squares.

They really like it and say it reminds them of their wedding (before I even said that's what I was trying to do). I hope they will spend many a night cuddled under it :) I actually have a coordinating project in my head that I plan to make with the scraps. Maybe they'll get that by their next anniversary.

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