Monday, July 11, 2011

Tote bag for a little girl

I love tote bags. And as far as I know, little girls also love tote bags. And I had a lot of extra squares from the pillow I made (as in, I didn't have to cut any at all for this bag, just the straps which are strips, not squares). Consequently, this nice little tote bag for my 3 year old friend was born. It matches her pillow, her dolly, and her quilt and is just the right size to store little treasures in. Hopefully she'll like it :)

I decided at the last minute to applique her first initial on it. In a circle because recently I love circles and it makes it stand out so nicely. Once again heat n bond is my bff. It makes things so nice an easy! It is such a great detail, it just makes me love this thing even more.

I think it ended up being about 10"x12". The strap is longer than I meant for it to be, but I just couldn't bear to cut down the pretty strips. I'm a sucker. But it's okay, a little girl with a slightly too big tote = way, way cute.

And now almost all the scraps of these fabrics are used. Which I am a little sad about because it is such a beautiful, happy combination of colors. Both times I made something from it, I secretly wanted to keep it all for myself. It just cheers up a room.

And now, back to sewing a quilt top. Even though there are approximately a million other thing crying out for my attention. It's okay, I'm good at ignoring them :)

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