Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday {7.20.11}

Hm, I don't feel like I got much done this week, but maybe when I see it all in list form I'll feel better about it :)


Skill Builder Sampler - challenge block and block 4

I love this QAL! The colors I am using just make me happy and I love all the different blocks. My challenge block is log cabins making a cross (I have seen these all over and love them and wanted to try it). I even managed to keep my directional prints the right way! I love it and figure if nothing else, I will use it on the back.

Block 4 is pinwheels and although I wasn't sure I would like it that much, I love it now that it's done. I also think I found the perfect sashing for this quilt so I need to figure out how much of that I need and order it even though I won't need it for a long time.

Summer Sampler Series - blocks 1-3

Star of Virginia, Greek Cross and Mosaic Block. I am loving the way these summery colors are coming together.

Table Covering

Is it a table cloth if it doesn't hang over the sides? Either way, I made this out of an Amy Butler laminate and bound it with some olive green pre-made binding. I love how it looks, the problem is that it is not washable really aside from a wipe down, and my kid is messy. Really messy. So we'll see how long it lasts. It already looks kinda nasty around the binding.....

Still Going:

Christmas in July

I am in the last stage of sewing down the binding. One more good movie and it should be done, maybe tonight. I got a little distracted by a book the past few days which is why it's not done....


I haven't worked on it and don't plan to for another couple weeks once the summer sampler is done.

Farmers Wife QAL

Rainbow style! I finally have the templates cut out (it was a pretty big undertaking and used far too many naptimes)! I plan to start today and hopefully do the first couple of blocks. My fabrics are all washed and ready to go and I am sooo excited. I decided I am going to go in order that the blocks are with the letters instead of just going in numerical order. It should be interesting. I am a little scared by the templates and how small some of these pieces are going to get, but hopefully it will go well.


Summer Sampler

The 4th block was posted Monday and the 5th today. I may just wait until the end of the week and do all 3 together again. I kinda liked it that way and it helps me balance the colors I think.

That's it I think. I do feel better! All those individual blocks remind me that I was actually pretty productive (and those stinking templates sucked up a lot of time). I am just working on a lot of quilting things right now before I dive back into some things I need to make for the little one and the house and such. At least those other things usually go a lot quicker so I feel more productive; it helps me get through the more long term projects.

starting count: 6
completed: 3
new: 1
total: 4

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  1. I'm coming over to your house to steal that pile of bright fabrics, they look great!

  2. I like the rainbow fabrics for the FWQAL. That's going to look really good! The table covering is a great idea. I need to make my daughter some kind of semi-permanent placemat I can just wipe down rather than have to wash...she's a total mess too!

  3. Hi Cassie, I popped over from freshly pieced and have enjoyed my visit to your blog, you have made lots of lovely things!

  4. Love that stack of rainbow fabrics for your Farmers Wife!

  5. Fun fabrics for the Summer Sampler. Too bad about the grunginess on the table binding - (Is laminate washable?) because it's pretty.

  6. I love your rainbow stack for the Farmer's Wife quilt. I bet it will be lovely, can't wait to see you start on it.

  7. your rainbow fabrics for the fwqal look splendid. i've figured out rotary cutting instructions for about 1/2 of the blocks and found a file for rotary cutting the other half. those templates just didn't work for me. best to you :)

  8. Great progress on a lot of projects! I love your fabric choices on all of them. I gave up on the FWQAL until I figure out how to paper piece as I figured out 4 blocks in that the tiny pieces and my machine were NOT friends.

  9. Ooh! A rainbow FW! Can't wait to see it! Love the table top too! And your blocks are coming along great!