Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday {7.6.11}

Well I'm back from traveling, but don't have much craftiness to show for myself. We just got back yesterday so now I begin getting life back in order. I don't even want to talk about how my child cried the entire car ride both directions or how I missed the parade due to the longest nap yet. Ah well, we had a pretty good weekend and now my baby girl is 1!!!

On to the WIPs!

Still Going:

Christmas Pinwheels

Same as last week. Waiting for me to lay it out and decide on a design. Hopefully I will have a quilt top done by next week. If I don't get distracted....


Now I guess I am behind. I have the fabrics picked out for block 3, I just need to do it. Maybe today, if naptimes go well.


This is the only thing I worked on in the past week. I now have 4 nine patches sewn together so I can almost put them together into a big row. They look pretty good. This is going to take me forever, but I am enjoying it :)

Tote bag

This is another project for this week. I still have everything piled up waiting. The little girl apparently loves the pillow, so a little matching tote bag will be great. Maybe I'll even applique her name on :)



I may or may not have fallen in love with this pattern a few weeks ago and promptly purchased it. I am making my parents a quilt for their bed for christmas and since I didn't even dare to guess what they would want, I picked the pattern and they picked the fabric. I am skeptical about using that bright blue there as a background instead of white, but they didn't want a neutral. We'll see, it's for their bed so whatever they want is fine. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised...the colors do all look good together so I'm hopeful. I reeeeally want to make a block and see what it's like, but I'm trying to hold myself off until I do a couple other things. We'll see how strong I can be.

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  1. Love that pattern! Debbie has done two mini quilts of just one of the blocks from it.
    I think your fabrics will be beautiful! If you do a lot of quilting on the solids it might help if you think the blue is a bit overwhelming.

  2. I think those fabrics will make a wonderful Swoon!