Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday {7.27.11}

Man, I have no idea what day it is. I actually almost missed Wednesday! I don't know whether to blame the summer or my child....

Anyway, I am pretty much down to working on sampler quilts for this week and probably next week before I pick some other things back up. Let's see what got done.


Christmas in July!

Finally done and safely tucked away until the holiday season :)

Skill Builder Sampler - Block 5

The Arizona block. I liked this one, but I am seriously glad we are moving on to a new skill this week :) Stinking HSTs....

Summer Sampler Series - Blocks 4-7

I finished last weeks blocks and technically the one from Monday but obviously that is not in this picture. Hopefully today I will tackle the new one so that when I get back next week I will only have 1 to catch up on plus the ones for the final week (is it really almost over already??).


So I posted the other day about the first 8 blocks that I did and actually in a clear fit of insanity, I did another 8 on Monday. I was just having such a good time and there were a bunch of easy ones....I just love this. Seriously, I find it so relaxing to just sit down and get lost in the letters and make blocks. The templates actually make my life easier since I don't have to worry about math or anything, just cut and lay it out and sew it. Of course I still have to photograph them (once I get some sunshine...) and upload and all that, so hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day so I can share pictures of the next 8. I can't believe I am almost caught up with everyone else!

Still Going:

Let's be honest, everything listed above is still going and the only thing not listed is my swoon quilt which I will start again on after I am caught up on my samplers again next week.

I have also started nothing new for once. It is a peaceful week :) I am actually resisting the urge to make more FW blocks, but we'll see.

starting count: 5
completed: 1
new: 0
total: 4

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  1. What a pretty Christmas striper!! Love the colors in your FW and skillbuilder.

  2. Ooh, I love your FW and Summer Sampler blocks. So gorgeous and great color pallette!

  3. Love the fabrics you're using for your Summer Samplers!