Friday, August 12, 2011

Farmer's Wife - Week 4

Steadily I am decreasing the number of blocks per week. This week, only 4! I am almost 1/4 of the way through already (woah!) and I have a beautiful rainbow of blocks to show for it. 26 blocks done; 4 of each color and 2 rainbow which is just about the proportion I was going for, so that's good.

The first two blocks I did this week seemed to take forever to get done and I'm not entirely sure why, but the second pair made up for it and came together quickly and easily.

#17 - Cats & Mice
This turned out pretty nice. I am really liking this orange. On a random note, I don't know why blogger turned my picture, but I am tired of fighting with it. Good thing it doesn't matter with this block :)

#107 - Windblown Square
For some reason, this one kept giving me problems. I attached one set of squares the wrong way and had to rip them out and for some reason, there is one set of points that doesn't quite line up and it bothers me. Like the fabric puckered or something. Oh well. It's alright, it still looks good and I just love the fabrics and the movement of the block.

#56 - Maple Leaf
Not my favorite block design, but it looks nice. And red polka dots make anything good.

#69 - Practical Orchard

All 4 together now:

And I finally found a less windy day to go take a picture of all the blocks together so far. I opted for the rainbow arrangement this time.

I don't know how I'll arrange them in the quilt, but I have a little time until I have to make that call. Depending on how many blocks I do every week haha. I also had a brainstorm about sashing for this one, and as of right now, I am leaning strongly toward doing a black sashing with a fairly small and not overwhelming white pattern on it. I saw this the other day and I really like it and I think something similar would work well in black for this. I haven't really had time yet to look for anything, but that's where I think I'm headed. I think the black would pull it together and a white pattern would keep it from being too harsh. And I think the sashing finishes at only 1" so it's pretty narrow. Then the cornerstones would be white I think....or rainbow if I'm feeling crazy. Thoughts?

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