Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Sampler Series: week 4

Here we are, the 4th and final installment of blocks for the Summer Sampler Series. Hard to believe I made it to the end. It has been a lot of fun and I have learned a lot. Mostly paper piecing, which I don't love since I feel like it wastes fabric and paper and dulls my needles and takes so much time....but I have to admit it sure helps make some pretty cool blocks. This week's blocks were pretty good and really round out the collection. I am loving the way they all look together and hope to get it sashed and have a completed quilt top this week :)

Block #10 - Evening Star

I really like this one. It wasn't too hard either.

Block #11 - Rocky Road to Kansas

I don't love this one. I think it is mostly the blue background, that was probably a mistake. I wanted a color background though instead of white and this was the fabric that I hadn't used in the strips/had enough of. I just think it's too overwhelming. So there you have it.

Block #12 - Kansas Dust Storm

This one gave me some trouble. The 3 different templates were a bit much and I had a hard time keeping the colors straight since the one posted has them reversed. And I ended up having a trimming mishap and had to scrounge fabric to fix that piece....and ripping small stitches out of paper without ripping the paper-not fun! But I survived and it came out looking good.

And here are all 12 blocks together! I love it!! It actually ended up with pretty good color balance. Now I just have to decide how to arrange the blocks.

I am hoping I have enough scraps to make a scrappy binding out of the leftovers...I'll have to check that out. I will be sashing it with gray and I am considering a pink back since I think I already have some. I will see what I have left after I make binding and figure out the back then. Once I get it all together it is destined for some FMQ practice. In fact it will be my first FMQ quilt I believe. I am actually in the process of making a small wall hanging/mini quilt to practice on first, so hopefully I'll get going on all that in the next few weeks. I am nervous and excited. I need to start doodling on paper to get myself used to the motions...I should get on that....

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