Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIP Wednesday {8.24.11}

Is this week really half over? Already? Man, I feel like it just started. Oh well. After a marathon of sewing yesterday (thank you honey for taking the baby!) I actually feel almost accomplished. If I could learn to stop answering the phone and the door, I'd be set. Why does everyone suddenly want to talk to me when I have time to sew? I still have a lot on my list to do this week, but it's a start.



This has actually been on my list for over a year I think...I've even had the fabric. I just didn't feel inclined to make them. But I finally got tired of them sitting on my list taunting me. It is a pattern I found on Martha Stewart. They were really quick and easy; I don't know why I avoided them for so long. And I really like them. And finally they are crossed off the list!

Skill Builder Block 8

Clearly we are working on flying geese and I really like this block. And this method of making them was pretty much awesome. I had no idea. So check it out here if you are interested in flying geese and you are behind the times like me :)


I am up to 30 blocks! I really like this set of 4. Especially the purple one.


Birthday gift for mom
I have some vague ideas and ordered some supplies that should be here this week. Next week, birthday gifts are my focus. I have to get them done by Friday so time is tight.

Birthday gift for sister
I have the pattern I am using and half of the supplies. I can't wait! I just need to make a Joanns run and get going on it.

Still Going:


This is my big accomplishment for the week! I finished another 3 blocks. Only 3 more to go which I am hoping to do this week/weekend. I dislike it less with each new block. I like this set more anyway. And I think once it is all finished and quilted I will even kinda like it. Hopefully my parents will too!

Skill builder sampler
Farmer's wife

So that's that. I am hoping I can get the gift-age done by next Friday, but we shall see. Today is my break to make FW blocks and then hopefully the remainder of the week will be swoon blocks and by this weekend I can start the gifts. Things never go to plan, but I can hope!

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  1. Your swoon blocks are awesome. I love how bright they are.

  2. I love the Swoon blocks and also your skill builder ones! The coasters are great too.

  3. I really love your swoon blocks. they are really eye catching