Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday {8.17.11}

Seems like it was a pretty productive week! Which is good since for the next few days I won't have time to do much sewing since my parents are visiting. I am in the process of figuring out what is next on my list, so we'll see where I go from here.


Summer Sampler Series!!

It's finished and I am so, so happy with it. I can't believe I finally sucked it up and tried to FMQ, but I'm really glad I did.

Carpenter's Wheel

I don't know what to do with it now, but it's done. And really it's not too bad for a first FMQ attempt.

Composition book cover

This was just a great idea and it makes me happy every time I look at it :)

Skill Builder Sampler - Block #7

A virginia star block. I am happy with it although I kinda wish I had picked different colors.


Blocks 23-26 for me. I love making these little guys.

Still Going:


Nothing done for it this week. It is next on the list though. I want to get all the blocks done by the end of the month and ideally the top together.

Skill Builder Sampler


I haven't started anything new, except for the composition book cover that I also finished. I am hoping to tackle a couple small projects soon, but I haven't quite decided which ones. I also have the beginnings of a design for a duvet cover for my sister, but I'm working that out still.

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  1. Beautiful quilt and your FMQ looks great!

  2. My goodness, what beautiful projects! Love your Summer Sampler - wow! And that bright notebook cover - what fun! Very cool!

  3. wow, all your projects look wonderful! i especially dig that book cover, clever!

  4. Your quilts and blocks are very pretty! I like all of them! The book cover is great and I really like the Summer Sampler...gorgeous!

  5. Oh wow, your summer sampler is gorgeous! Great finish.

    Your Carpenter's Wheel is really pretty. Maybe it could be a holiday table topper?

    I love the solid grey you used with your book cover. It really makes the patterned fabric pop!

    I hope your parent's visit goes well. :)

  6. I totally need a book cover like that. So fun! Your FMQ looks great!

  7. Your summer sampler so gorgeous! I love how you trimmed it out with the colors. So pretty! Love your book cover; that would look really cute as a Nook or Kindle cover as well!

  8. Wow - what beautiful quilting! I especially love that book cover.

  9. That book cover really caught my eye - it's the grey mixed with the colours.

    And I love the look of your FWQAL! The single-colour/white mix for each block really illuminates the pattern.

  10. Your Summer Sampler looks great and I really love the book cover. The gray is a nice accent color.

  11. I love the bright colors in the first one. I love the idea of the book cover too. I would love to know just how to go about making one.

  12. Super cute composition book cover!

  13. Well I don't think you need to worry about your looks wonderful!!

    I wish I could do it as well....

  14. Gosh, I just love everything here, but especially that book cover! So fabulous. And your Summer Sampler quilt looks amazing! I would never know you just started doing FMQ. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )