Friday, August 26, 2011

Farmer's Wife - Week 6

This week, I managed to finish 3 blocks (that number just keeps shrinking haha!). I now have 33/111 done! They are looking really good. I think I am aiming to finish this by my birthday (mid January) because I am getting really anxious to have this beauty to snuggle under this winter. We'll see how it goes, it is still a low pressure project and I am not to clear on exactly what the next few months hold if I'm honest. It's a rough goal at this point. After next week I am hoping to get back to making more each week. And I figured out that once I do 4 more I'll be 1/3 of the way done!! So maybe next week if I can manage it....I don't know, one of the basket ones is next and I am a bit scared of the handle....

Anyway, blocks from this week:

#22 - Corn & Beans
It was time for another rainbow one. And when I decide which to do rainbow, I look for blocks with pieces divisible by 6 so I can have the same number of each color. I like this a lot, but I do kinda wish I'd focused more on the light/dark for the colors since this does go pretty far from the look of the original. It's okay though since it's so pretty :) The points are also far from perfect, but I'm dealing with it.

#99 - W.C.T.U.
I love the greens in this one! And those tiny points!

#21 - Contrary Wife
There is not quite as much contrast between the solid yellow and the patterned yellow as I might like, but it is quite a nice block.

And here are these 3 together:

It was also time for a new group shot since I now have 5 of each color + 3 rainbow blocks, but the weather was being uncooperative so I had to settle for a living room shot. Sorry it's not great (a bit hard to see the yellow....bad lighting....), but as I get more blocks it is harder to fight wind and such. It turns out I don't so much like chasing quilt blocks down the street! So here they are.

And now I'm off to continue the conquering of my crafty to-do list. If I am lucky, I will finish my swoon blocks today and then start making some gifts this weekend. We'll see. One week to get it all done! I already can't wait to be back from our weekend trip for labor day so things can settle down again, is that bad?? At any rate, happy weekend everyone!!

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