Friday, August 19, 2011

Farmer's Wife - Week 5

Really, 5 weeks already?? Time is just flying by and I am now over 1/4 of the way through the blocks for this quilt!! I have 30/111 done and it just keeps looking better! This week I got to start out with 2 easy blocks and then 2 blocks with lots of pieces. It was a nice balance.

On to this weeks blocks!

#72 - Railroad
I like this block a lot. Simple, but good impact. I think if I run out of fabric I will just get solids and add solids of each color in.

#111 - Wrench
This cracks me up because it is a churn dash, but I suppose the difference is that this is all one fabric and the other has 2 fabrics.

#38 - Four Winds
First of all, 64 piece in a 6" square? Really?? Insane! Second, I don't love my fabric choices since the center pinwheel blends in but oh well.

#100 - Weathervane
I love this. Probably partly because I love purple. But mostly because it's a cool design.

And the 4 together

So there you have it. I managed to sneak these in this week so we'll see what happens this weekend. I believe this weekend may involved a trip to a quilt shop :) Whether or not any actual sewing gets done is another matter.....Happy Weekend!

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