Thursday, January 5, 2012

Skill Builder Sampler: Month 7

Well, I thought about doing WIP Wednesday yesterday, but honestly I was so focused on getting my skill builder blocks done that I didn't even want to think about my list of other things to do until I did. So I did. And I am all caught up, just in time for the next block :) And next week I will get myself together and start keeping track of everything again.

This month was all about applique. I was pretty excited because it is something I was always too scared to try aside from some basic raw edge appliques. But as it turned out, more than learning how to applique, I learned that I pretty much hate it. The first block went off without a hitch, but then came the second. You know, the one where we actually learned to applique. And I did not enjoy it much. I am fairly happy with the end result, and I'm glad I tried all those different methods, but I have already taken the applique book off my wishlist haha. Consequently, the third block was whatever method you prefer so I did another raw edge applique block. Here they are!

Block #19 - Orange Windows
I kind of love this block. It's like cathedral windows without all the trouble. I chose to shift the pattern a bit because I liked it better that way since I see more circles than X's. I decided to mix up all the fabrics instead of grouping them by color and I'm glad, I love the way it looks. To place the pieces since I shifted it and couldn't use the diagonals, I used my cutting mat and folded to mark the center and then 3" on either side to make a grid to fit the pieces in. It seemed to work really well.

Block #20 - Circles
I was so excited about this one. I have been wanting to try circles for a long time. I wanted the block to be pretty filled, so I did 12 circles, one in each of my fabrics and did 3 of each of the methods. I started out trying to figure out circle sizes, but in the end I went into the kitchen and picked 6 circular things of varying sizes and started tracing. It made my life much easier. The circles that I used the cheater method for, I sewed down by machine so I could try out my blanket stitches and see which I liked; the rest were hand sewn. I guess needle turn was my favorite, but as I said, I really didn't like any of it much. I thought since I love to hand sew my binding, I would like this too, but apparently not. Ah well, I still like my finished block.

Block #21 - Applique pattern of choice
Sadly, I don't even remember where I saved the image for this from. But I cropped it into quarters and traced it....which didn't work great since the angles ended up all over the place and it didn't come together quite right, but I covered it up nicely and I think it looks pretty good in the end. The colors were chosen based on which fabrics I had big enough scraps from. I am really happy with how this turned out. Since my circle of diamonds didn't form correctly, I had to fuse them all down to make sure they would come together and then zig zag them like that, which I guess saved me time in the end instead of doing each individually.

And that's that. I am glad that I did it and I am also glad that it is done. And I can't wait to learn curves this month. There are a lot of curved blocks calling my name :) All in due time. For now, I have many other things to go work on. Now that I am not allowing myself to start another quilt until I have my list done, I am feeling pretty motivated. And of course all I can think about is quilts I want to make :) And by next week hopefully things will be feeling more back to normal around here as we settle into the new year.

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  1. Your blocks look amazing! That's so funny that after all that you figured out you don't like it- I guess that's skill builder's for, right? We'll see what I think after I do it. I keep putting it off. :)