Monday, February 20, 2012

Bags, bags, bags

So here's the thing. I love to make quilts. I really do. And I think that probably has a lot to do with the finished product and not just the process, although I like that too. But I feel like I have quilting ADD. I just constantly feel the need to make other things instead of just focusing on the quilt like I intend to. Which I think has to do with the fact that I need a feeling of accomplishment and am a sucker for instant gratification (I hear it's a generational problem...) and to further the cycle, this makes the quilts take even longer. *sigh* Point being, while I did work a bit on my most recent quilt top this weekend, mostly I made bags. Which is good because now they are done, but that kind of leaves me feeling like I might have time to make a couple other small things this week that I was going to hold off on. So I am going to try and focus because I want this quilt top done, but I'm just saying that I am having a hard time with the whole focus thing.

And now that I am done analyzing myself, I must say the bags turned out awesome. Two of them are gifts to be given next weekend and the other is just because. I used the Emmy Clutch pattern again from Paisley Pear Quilts on Etsy. I love this pattern. It just comes out so nicely. The pleats take a bit of time, but maybe that was because I was doing 3 bags so that was like 60 pleats. The zippers even all went in without a problem!

I kind of want to keep them. But I think I'll be more happy to give them to loving homes. So now I need to get into quilt mode. To be fair to myself, I did lay out my quilt and start to sew/trim the blocks and got through almost half of them. And today I am going to try to finish the rest. Maybe I'll surprise myself and have a quilt top by next week...or maybe I'll have a new wallet/purse. Either way I suppose I win :) I just really keep meaning to focus on quilts for a bit. Also, I finished up the binding on my Ikea Quilt II last night so it is just waiting to be washed and photographed. 

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