Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday {2.8.12}

*Whew* halfway through the week. And I am beat. But I am looking forward to this weekend when hubby and I escape for a day child-free....something that hasn't happened since she was born, if you can believe it. It does mean less sewing time this weekend, but I guess I'll survive haha.

I've been fairly productive this week, but it has been spread out over multiple projects instead of focused on one. I'm going to try and focus though for the rest of this week and just work on one thing. We'll see how my attention span holds up.


Skill Builder Sampler - block 25

Wonky log cabin variation. I like it, but I don't love it.

Still Going:

Embroidery 101

Quilted with the binding sewn on the front. A few peaceful movie nights and this one should be done!


Ikea quilt II

Pieces all cut and ready to be made into blocks. I am hoping to get this top done this week but that might be too ambitious. We'll see.

Quilt for my aunt and uncle

I have the fabric mostly cut. Now I need to lay it out so I can start sewing.

Waiting: {This is my new category for my list of things that are waiting to be started }

*echo quilt
*scrappy string quilt {still deciding on a design}
*dresden toddler quilt
*scrap mini for the wall

And that's my week. Also, honey cowl is pretty much done so hopefully I'll snap some pictures soon. I love it; it is warm and wonderful. After my embroidery quilt is bound and finished I'll get to work on finishing my legwarmers. And I guess for a while I will have to get used to doing more projects that take a bit longer instead of all the small stuff I've been doing recently. I'll probably sneak some small things anyway. It will be good though. I am really excited about these quilts and can't wait to see them come together. Well happy Wednesday! I think I hear a little love bug calling for some reading time :)

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  1. I wish I could see more of your quilt that is all folded up. What I can see of it looks great.

  2. The bird is super cute in the middle of your Skill Builder block. Have fun this weekend- you desire some time with the hubby! :)

  3. Love your embroidery 101 quilt!