Friday, February 17, 2012

stuffed love

Happy Friday friends! I am happy to report that yesterday was super productive, which will hopefully carry over into today. I managed to not only get my quilt quilted and the binding sewn on, but I am thisclose to finished the bags I am making. If I can finish those up today and lay out my next quilt, I will be a happy girl. And then maybe I'll feel ready for another weekend of guests. Maybe. Also, I made my list of things I want to finish by the end of the month and it is feeling really possible at this point. I think I'm even going to get my leg warmers done; I worked on them the other night and found out I have less than half of one to go. I might even get to wear them this winter!

I thought I would go ahead and tell you about this little stuffed birdie I made my little lady for Valentine's day. I almost didn't get it done, what with making the e-reader case and 2 cards as well on Monday. I knew I wanted to make her a little bird (she loves birds and making a little "tweet" noise that really sounds nothing like "tweet" haha) so I set off to find a pattern or something since, as a general rule, I shouldn't try to make my own templates unless they have straight edges, and even that is iffy.

I found this lovely little tutorial at lavender's blue and it was perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. Just the right size for those little hands to squeeze. I did have a hard time deciding on fabrics, but in the end I had a couple of fat quarters I cut into. I even used my new found embroidery skills to do some little satin stitch eyes.

And since I finished it Monday night, I gave it to her before I got pictures of it. And then had a very hard time getting it away from her to get said pictures. So I got one clear shot and the next one has her hand in the picture trying to grab it away. Oh yes, she had to come with me if I was going to be going anywhere with her bird. I suppose I could probably have waited a few days until she was less attached to it, but I'm just not that patient.

Anybody got any good plans for the weekend? I think my main decision of the weekend will be whether I want to knit or sew down binding. Honestly, at this point I have no idea which one will win, but either way it should be a good weekend. See you Monday!

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